Arundhati Roy


Suzanna Arundhati Roy (born 24 November, 1961) is an Indian writer in English. . Roy is a well-known activist for social and economic justice. Arundhati’s Roy’s book, The God of Small Things, radically changed perceptions about Indian authors with her commercial success. She won the Booker prize and remained on the top of the New York Times bestseller list for a long time. With her also started the trend of large advances, hitherto unheard of among Indian writers.


1.The God of Small Things, 1997.
2.The End of Imagination, 1998.
3.The Cost of Living, 1999.
4.The Greater Common Good., 1999..
5.The Algebra of Infinite Justice, 2002
6.Power Politics., 2002.
7.War Talk, 2003.
8.Foreword to Noam Chomsky, For Reasons of State. 2003.
9.An Ordinary Person’s Guide To Empire, 2004.
10Public Power in the Age of Empire Seven Stories, 2004.
11.The Checkbook and the Cruise Missile: Introduction to 13 December
12.The Strange Case of the Attack on the Indian Parliament., 2006.
13.The Shape of the Beast, 2008.


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